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Persian Saffron vs Other Types

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Have you ever tried a fine wine from Kansas? No? How about Bali?

We kid, of course. It’s no secret that some places just aren’t known for their wine and that a handful of countries and growing regions dominate wine production worldwide.

Well, the saffron crocus is similarly sensitive to its surroundings, and therefore can only be grown in a handful of places in the world. You need soil that retains just enough ...

Saffron Rice...the Persian way

Saffron Rice
In this article, we’ll take a look at how Persians do Saffron Rice.
Persians like to start with high-quality rice—something like long grain Basmati—in order to get the best results.
But the way they cook the Saffron rice is entirely unique (no one else does it this way). And interestingly, there’s actually a solid scientific basis for preparing rice in this way.

Where To Buy Saffron

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Not all saffron is created equal.

Saffron from large, industrial farming operations is often produced using shortcuts that result in a lower quality product. Worse yet, their saffron may contain pesticides or other harsh chemicals.

And sadly, some unscrupulous saffron vendors are even selling an adulterated product, meaning that unwary buyers run the risk of purchasing watered-down or inferior saffron (or should we say, “saffron”).

Saffron Benefits For Skin

Saffron Effects on Skin
Saffron has been used as a cosmetic aid for thousands of years. And though it has many positive effects, the number of saffron benefits for skin health and beauty may be the most impressive of all. Read on to learn what saffron can do for your complexion!

Four Saffron Benefits For Men


And while the precious spice’s general health benefits are increasingly well known, not as many people are aware of the saffron benefits for men, specifically.

In this short article, we’ll introduce you to four surprising benefits of saffron as it pertains to men’s health.

What is Saffron Used For

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world—and one of the most ancient. Saffron has been with human beings since the dawn of agriculture in the Mediterranean and Near East. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in all that time, people have found dozens of uses for this amazing little plant.

The History of Saffron

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The history of saffron is the history of humanity. The spice has been harvested for thousands of years, and cultivated for almost as long, from Spain to the Far East.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of saffron’s storied past—and let you know what lies ahead for the most valuable spice on Earth.