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2 Grams Premium Saffron

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Two Gram Saffron Threads

Princess Atossa captured her father's heart (Cyrus the Great) when she was just a tiny girl. But in time, that little girl grew into a strong and influential queen—and helped her son Xerxes become the most powerful man in the world. Atossa's life shows us that great things come in small packages, which is why we've named our 2 Gram Saffron offering after her. The perfect choice for those seeking a little taste of the royal spice.

New to saffron?

If you’re just trying out saffron for the first time, you’re in for a treat—whether you plan to cook with it or use it for its powerful medicinal properties.

Saffron can be used to flavour, colour, and perfume all sorts of dishes: from soups and stews to rice and roasted meats, and even desserts! And saffron’s long history means that it has found its way into cuisines as diverse as Indian, Spanish, French and Chinese.

Herbalists and physicians have known about saffron’s many health benefits for thousands of years: it promotes good circulation and digestion, gives users clear, glowing skin, is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant, and does much, much more.

Is saffron too expensive for me?

You may have heard that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. And while there’s some truth to that, it’s equally true that saffron provides some of the best value for money of any premium product you can buy. Why’s that? Because just a little bit of saffron goes a very long way: a pinch is all that’s required in most recipes, meaning that your effective “cost per serving” winds up coming out to a very affordable 20 cents or so! Not bad for the most prized spice in human history, eh?