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50 Grams Premium Saffron - Queen Mandana

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Mandana was born a princess...and went on to become queen of Persia. Her son Cyrus narrowly escaped death as an infant at the hands of enemies—and grew up to become King Cyrus the Great, creator of the first declaration of human rights. Mandana symbolizes destiny and goodness, which is why we have given her name to our 50 Gram saffron package. The perfect choice for those certain of good things to come.

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Saffron for health and wellness

Saffron has always been regarded as a potent and versatile medicine: able to treat a wide range of ailments and keep the body in good health. So what are some of the ways in which saffron can help us live better (and longer)?

As an anti-depressant: Saffron is well-known for its effects on mood and is an excellent way to produce a natural “lift” if you’re feeling stressed or blue. In fact, in those parts of the world where saffron has been used the longest, saffron tea is often served at both the most sombre as well as the most joyous ceremonies: to soothe the pain of loss at funerals and to enhance the happiness of guests at weddings.

As an aid to circulation: Saffron has long been considered an aid to good blood circulation, both by traditional doctors as well as herbalists. As such, it’s an excellent addition to one’s daily health regime—promoting good circulatory and heart health, sexual wellness, and clear, healthy skin.

As a PMS cure: Sometimes, our grandmothers know best! In Persia and the Mediterranean, women have recommended saffron tea as a gentle and natural way to treat symptoms of PMS. And modern science is catching up: new research backs this traditional wisdom by showing that saffron does indeed alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort of PMS.