30 ml Cold Brew Premium Persian Saffron Liquid Concentrate

Saffron Liquid Concentrate (Cold Brew) 30 ml

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Saffron On The Go

Introducing Made to Order Persian Saffron Liquid Concentrate (Cold Brew)— the fastest, easiest way to add a bit of saffron to your day.

Use 20 - 30 drops directly under your tongue or in a glass of water or juice.

Now you can enjoy all the health benefits of daily Persian Saffron use in the form of Liquide Concentrate...without having to spend time brewing it.


30 ml Persian Saffron Liquid is pure, unadulterated liquid saffron in a bottle. Each order is brewed individually, using our proprietary cold brew method, to ensure maximum freshness and potency. As always, we only use the purest of ingredients: Just 100% Persian sargol saffron and non-chlorinated filtered water—no chemical additives or preservatives allowed.


Cold Brew Liquide Saffron is incredibly easy to use. It comes in a handy dropper bottle so that you can measure out absolutely precise quantities, whether you’re cooking with saffron or using it as a dietary supplement. Just add a few drops to any recipe, drink, or dessert for that rich saffron colour and flavour. Or take your saffron in some milk or water and enjoy the myriad health benefits of daily saffron supplementation.


Cold Brew Saffron performs best as a fresh food product, which is why we only brew it to order. We’ve designed our bottles to be the perfect size for individual daily use: one bottle holds a month’s supply of saffron if you take the recommended 20 drops per day. Just remember to keep your liquid saffron in the fridge and use it within 40 days of the brew date for best results.


You may have heard that exposure to sunlight can cause saffron to lose potency, but you can rest assured that your order will be safe from the elements during shipping. That’s because we ship each order in an attractive, light-proof box.  And since these little saffron bottles make great gifts, that beautiful packaging means you might save some money on wrapping paper as well!