Saffron syrup cordial drink
Saffron syrup cordial drink

Saffron Syrup - Sugar Free Cordial

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The Saffron Syrup or Cordial is an ancient recipe from the Persian culture which we at saffronice have adjusted to suit the western pallet, and by adding the fermentation option, Saffron syrup provides a full spectrum of good bacteria for the gut and the entire digestive system.


Raw Queensland Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Saffron, Mint & Lemon.

Size: 440ml - One bottle can make up to 3 litres of Saffron Drink.

This syrup can be fermented or just drunk as it is after mixing with water.


Quick Mix: Add syrup to either soda water or regular water. The amount depends on your taste for sweetness, usually should be 1 to six. (Optional) add a slice of lemon or a few leaves of Mint for extra taste.


Fermentation direction: Mix 1 bottle of the syrup to 6 bottles of water (1:6)

Store in room temperature for six to seven days (allow oxygen in the container but cover with a towel or a net to stop the insects from falling in)

After six or seven days which is the end of the fermentation period, there will be some white fluff/ bubbles on top of the drink which you can remove with a spoon or a strainer.

Then pour into airtight bottles and place in the fridge.

Use within 15-20 days of bottling.

Tip: If the mix is still too sweet for your taste, leave the bottles out of the fridge for an extra day or two.

Remember this is a live healthy drink, and the bacteria are still working by consuming the sugar from the honey, so the longer in room temperature, the lower the sugar content will become.

Drink cold and Enjoy!



High alkaline, full of natural pro-biotic, great for upset tummy & acidic guts, great for indigestion, great for adding good bacteria to the stomach.