Herbal Tea for Bone Support
Bone's Botanicals Tea
Herbal Tea
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Herbal Tea for Bone Support

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Herbal Tea to Support Bones

For centuries, people have been known to enjoy herbal teas for various purposes. The monks in Asia, native tribes in America, ancient Romans and Greeks used various kinds of tea as a medicinal herb. As herbal teas are derived from dried flowers, fruits, herbs and spices, they usually come in a wide variety of flavours and tastes and possess a whole lot of unique benefits which makes them a healthy and tempting alternative to numerous sugar beverages.

Bone strengthening properties of Herbal tea

In addition to being an appetizing alternative, herbal teas also possess some exquisite health-promoting properties, allowing them to be used as a natural remedy against different ailments for thousands of years. The essential nutrients required by our human body to strengthen bones can also be provided by herbal teas. The nutrients in a bone-strengthening herbal tea may help to rebuild damaged bone tissues. In the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Phyllis Balch recommended calcium, magnesium, silica, vitamins and other important nutrients for stronger bones.

What’s inside our Bone's Botanicals Tea

Focusing on the important nutrients required by our bones to develop, maintain and regenerate, we have chosen only the finest quality ingredients that naturally contain the different nutrients required for healthy bones.

• Lemon Myrtle – Certified Organic Australian Lemon Myrtle is a good source of calcium, magnesium and other vitamins like A, E etc.
• Nettle – Primarily used for diabetes and osteoarthritis, this plant is rich in many mineral elements that may help to relieve joint pains and sore muscles.
• Raspberry leaf – A wonderful source of numerous antioxidants, Raspberry leaves may help to prevent inflammation and Arthritis.
• Mullein
• Horsetail – The hollow roots and stems of the horsetail plant are rich in magnesium, silica, calcium, potassium and other prime nutrients required to aid good bone health.
• Herb Robert – Protein allantoin present in the leaves and roots of this plant may help in healing bones and wounds and stimulating cell proliferation.
• Chickweed – It may help in healing broken bones owing to its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.

Note: To keep our caffeine-free tea fresh and effective, store it in a cool place away from moisture or direct sunlight.

 How to Use Herbal Tea?

Simmer for 5 minutes and then drink warm or cool down and drink like an Iced tea.

Add a slice of fresh lemon and a mint leaf for extra flavour. If you like it sweet then add a spoon of our Saffron Honey for sweetness.