Five Persian Black Teas you should try!

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Drinking tea for its medicinal qualities is an age-old ritual. I say ritual because it is one, don’t you think? Drinking tea is all about the experience, how it makes you feel comfy and calm after a long day of work. But, which tea is the best for your health? Because there are a lot to choose from, and it can be a little overwhelming sometimes! Here at Saffronice, we’ve done the leg work for you. We only sell the best of the best Persian black tea, combined with herbs and spices grown at high-quality farms. The long-established Persian tradition is to combine Persian black tea with herbs and flowers like cardamom and rose to give you the best of both worlds: that is, health benefits and caffeine. Our teas do just that.


Saffron Tea

Centuries ago, ancient Persian people discovered the many benefits of saffron tea, one being its ability to enhance mood naturally. That is thanks to its naturally-occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are compounds that can harm your body if there are too many of them. They’re linked to many life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Don’t worry, your body has its own antioxidant defences against free radicals, but natural antioxidants from tea can help with the process.


Some of the many antioxidants are crocin, crocetin, safranal, and kaempferol. Crocin and crocetin (which make saffron its vibrant red colour) are thought to have antidepressant qualities. Safranal is known to improve mood, memory and learning capacity, while kaempferol reduces inflammation. This Persian black tea will make you feel awake and ready for the day after drinking.


Have a mug of saffron tea when you’re feeling low or demotivated and need a boost.


Cardamom & Rose Tea

By far the most famous Iranian black tea flavour, the unique combination of fresh cardamom and rose has long been used to lower blood pressure and soothe inflammation. So, it’s a tremendous calming concoction for when you’re feeling stressed out. Or, if you’re suffering from high blood pressure! Cardamom can also aid digestion, relieving nasty tummy issues like nausea, ulcers and vomiting.


Rose petals add a gentle, soothing touch to the mix. Rose petals are entirely made up of water which will hydrate you quickly, ideal if you’re suffering from a dehydration headache and need a quick fix. The reason you’ll often see Rose included in “women’s tea” is not merely because roses are pink and feminine, but studies have shown drinking rose tea can alleviate period cramps. That means if you’re a woman looking to reap the benefits of drinking Persian black tea, this blend should be top of your list.


Rose tea also contains the antioxidants polyphenols, which are thought to reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Drink a cup of cardamom and rose tea when you feel a headache coming on, your stomach hurts, or you’ve got cramps.


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Peach Tea

Refreshing peach and black tea is a winning combination. You can’t beat its delightful, sweet flavour. Not only does it taste incredible, but it has a bunch of benefits that might surprise you.


Peach Tea is derived from the dried leaves of the peach tree. It has been a staple of ancient Chinese medicine since peaches originated in China over 8,000 years ago. As well as being good for digestion and containing the antioxidants vitamin A, C and E, peach tea may improve heart health. Peaches are also packed with immune-boosting nutrients (like the household favourite vitamin C), so drinking peach tea might strengthen your immunity. It’ll also leave you feeling calmer after drinking.


Drink peach tea daily to help build up your immunity and general health, or to help you relax.


Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is crafted from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which curls into what we call cinnamon sticks after drying. All of the teas mentioned in this article are filled with antioxidants, but cinnamon tea contains most of all.


Cinnamon tea is most well-known for its potential to support weight loss. That’s because cinnamon can curb your appetite, so it’s an ideal tea to drink before meals to prevent overeating. On top of that, research suggests cinnamon tea can stabilise blood sugar levels. That’s why it’s usually combined with sugary foods, as it can lessen the possibility of a blood sugar spike.


If you’re trying to be more mindful with your eating habits, cinnamon tea is a must-have.


Orange Blossom Tea

Another one for tackling tummy issues, orange blossom tea is a lesser-known stomach soother. It’s no less effective though. Orange blossoms are the fragrant, potent flowers of the orange tree. Its soothing aroma and sedentary effects are a powerful, natural antidote for insomnia and difficulty sleeping. Orange blossom tea’s tranquilizing qualities can also help calm your anxiety and ground you in the moment. It’s certainly the most meditative tea of the bunch, and the secret underdog.


Drink orange blossom tea before a big, anxiety-provoking event like a presentation or job interview to ease your nerves.


A word on Persian Black Tea:

All the teas we sell at Saffronice are pure, high-quality Persian black teas. All the flavours above are traditional Persian black tea mixtures and significant elements of Persian culture. In fact, Persians drink tea pretty much every hour of the day: in the morning, between meals, with meals, and at night. Statistics reveal that Iran has the highest rate of tea consumption per capita in the world!

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