How Does Saffron Effect Sexual Health?

Saffron For Sexual Health

Saffron for sexual health

It’s a delicate subject and one that many people don’t even want to discuss with their physician. But good sexual health is crucial to our wellbeing, both personally and also in terms of our intimate relationships.


From infertility and erectile dysfunction (ED) to loss of desire caused by medications, various sexual health complaints affect millions of people around the world. Shop Natural Support for Feminine Hormones & Libido


And while there is (of course) no shortage of offerings from Big Pharma, researchers are taking a second look at saffron as a natural alternative to treat many of these conditions.


For centuries, Persian traditional medicine has recommended saffron as an aphrodisiac. And as it turns out, modern scientific studies are confirming what has been known for generations to midwives and aspiring grandmothers!


Saffron for erectile dysfunction and libido


Saffron has been called an aphrodisiac since the days of Cleopatra. But is this simply a case of folk tradition interacting with the placebo effect?

One revealing animal study seems to suggest otherwise, showing that saffron extract, as well as the isolated saffron biocompound crocin, produced an increase in sexual activity among male rats (who were presumably unaware of saffron’s reputation!).

Other studies were conducted on both men and women who were being treated with Fluoxetine (Prozac) for depressive disorders and who were experiencing the common sexual side effects of the drug. The results were striking.

The participants in the all-female study who were treated with saffron showed a marked improvement in sexual arousal and alleviation of other sexual side effects associated with Fluoxetine. Similarly, the study on the all-male group showed that men who had been suffering from erectile dysfunction due to Fluoxetine showed significant improvement in erectile function when administered saffron.

And a third study carried out on men who were suffering from ED but were otherwise healthy also showed an improvement in erectile function—in some cases in as few as 10 days after beginning supplementation.


Saffron for fertility and reproduction

In addition to issues of sexual function and arousal, saffron is also being investigated as a natural treatment for infertility and issues of reproductive health.

One study carried out on a group of infertile men showed a marked effect on sperm morphology and motility after supplementation with saffron (50mg) three times per week. The study indicates that saffron’s compounds have a definite effect on reproductive cells, though as the researchers point out, the exact mechanism is still unclear and warrants further studies.

A different study, though not using saffron per se, suggests another role for saffron in the treatment of infertility. The researchers set out to study the role of oxidative stress in infertility and found signs of oxidative damage as well as abnormal seminal plasma viscosity in the infertile men they examined. The study suggests that there may be some connection between oxidative stress and infertility, possibly via the effect of such stress on seminal plasma viscosity. As saffron is one of the most potent natural antioxidants in existence, this suggests another possible mechanism by which saffron may support fertility and reproductive health.


Taking saffron for health

Saffron may be taken daily as a health supplement. The optimal dose will depend on your age, sex, weight, and other factors, so it is recommended that you consult our certified nutrition scientist for advice.

Be sure to use only all-natural, traditionally farmed and processed saffron as a health aid—the kind of saffron that was grown without chemicals, harvested at the peak of its potency, and still contains the vital antioxidants and other biocompounds that make saffron such powerful natural medicine.

Saffron can be taken as a cold-brewed infusion, which is easily prepared at home following a relatively straightforward process. Alternatively, if you are looking for convenience, you can purchase a month’s supply of cold-brewed, ready-to-use saffron directly.


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