Ten Ways to Use Honey in Your Food & On Your Skin!

Honey Combs


One of the greatest gifts that mother nature bestowed upon us is raw honey!

It contains many antioxidants and healing powers and provides energy. What’s more, a study has shown that with day-to-day consumption of honey, it can improve levels of blood antioxidant (* Michael Murray’s Healing Food – N.D. page 650). Besides being the ideal natural sweetener, it is also highly beneficial as a topical skin application. Once we began to undertake in-depth research into honey, we were surprised to find just how many things people use it for.


Raw honey is the most beneficial. In the book ‘10 Essential Herbs’ written by Lalitha Thomas, she comments that natural raw honey is:


  • a steriliser
  • a palliative salve/lotion
  • a preserver 
  • soothing


It also helps new skin to grow if used externally. There are so many more items we could add to the list, but one thing is clear, honey is good for you!


The list below sets out ten easy ways of using honey on your skin and in your food.


1. A slice of toast with ricotta cheese spread on the top and a drizzle of honey – a great healthy breakfast or just a quick snack!

2. A quick homemade healthy salad dressing: Pour olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and honey in equal measures into a jar, close the lid and shake vigorously to mix. If desired, add a small pinch of salt and herbs to taste.

3. Here is a favourite! You have just got to try adding a couple of tablespoons of honey into some peanut butter – it is the best!

4. Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Bars – What else needs to be said, you had me at chocolate.

5. Use honey instead of sugar in herbal teas. Some say that the enzymes and trace minerals in honey boost the efficiency of whichever herb you mix it with.

6. How about a honey facial? Tie your hair back, and gently rub the honey in a circular motion into your skin with your fingers. Rinse with lukewarm water and a clean face cloth to make your skin glow!

7. Honey has antimicrobial abilities, so apply it to any skin burns to relieve pain and aid healing.

8. This may sound stinking but mince up some garlic and mix it with one teaspoon of honey and swallow it. Both garlic and honey promote great healing.

9. For an excellent hair treatment, use ½ cup of honey and massage it into your hair, then leave it to soak in for 20 minutes (wrap a saran, plastic bag or shower cap on your head). Rinse and condition your hair as usual.

10. Make a paste by mixing dried herbs and honey together to use topically or by the spoonful (it can also be combined with some warm water).

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