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Saffron Love Cake

Saffron Cake - A little taste of old Persia

Our Persian Divine Saffron Cup Cake Mix is filled with the delicate tastes and fragrant aromas of traditional Persian bakery, transporting you to the little village tea houses and family kitchens of old Persia.

The richness of saffron, the tartness of wild mountain berries, the sweetness of honey and rosewater, and a secret blend of exotic Persian spices make these cakes a mouth-watering treat like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Healthy and wholesome

Our Persian Divine Saffron Cakes are made with all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients.

We start with protein-packed, gluten-free almond flour and local organic eggs. We add in our famous Khorasan Saffron Powder, of course, as well as wild mountain berries, rich in antioxidants. We give our cakes their signature taste with nutty pistachios, fragrant Persian spices, and a hint of zesty lime. And of course, we never use refined sugar—our saffron cakes are naturally sweetened with just a touch of organic raw honey and rosewater.


Gluten and GMO-free made without oil or dairy and sweetened the way nature intended, our Persian Divine Saffron cakes are a decadent treat you can actually feel good about, whether you’re enjoying them on your own or serving them to your family!


Serving suggestions

Persian Divine Saffron Cakes are light and refreshing and make an ideal teatime snack. But their elegant, richly-spiced flavour profile means they’re impressive enough to serve as a full dessert course as well.

They can be enjoyed at room temperature, making them perfect for a midday pick-me-up in the office breakroom or as part of a picnic lunch when you’re out and about.

But if you have the time, they can also be heated up a bit in your oven for a hearty before-school breakfast or a warming snack on a chilly day.

Persian Divine Saffron Cakes pair wonderfully with coffees and teas, cold or warm milk, and especially with saffron-infused drinks.

They can be served plain or with a drizzle of your favourite organic honey. If you’re feeling especially naughty, they’re great à la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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