How to Tell the Quality of Saffron

 How to tell the quality of saffron by examining the four characteristics of Saffron. What Does Fake Saffron look Like and how to tell good quality Saffron from not so good? Learn how to tell if your saffron is real just by looking at the shape of the Saffron threads. We also cover Saffron Aroma and Saffron taste in this video but most importantly we show you how to do the colour test in just a few minutes. With this knowledge the next time you will buy saffron you can be confident about the product you are buying. 

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  • I just appreciate you guys so much! Your honesty and the quality of your saffron is so reassuring. I have been using your cold brew saffron and regular saffron for 3 months and my night blindness has improved! I’m hopeful to see improvements in my macular degeneration, as well as many other health benefits. Love the videos!

    Susan Wilson

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