Date Coffee
Date Coffee from Date Seed
date seed coffee
Date seed powder coffee
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Date Seed Coffee

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Coffee made of roasted date seeds

This is one of the most unique products in the world. It was developed in the southern parts of the Middle East, near the Gulf Region, where the temperature could rise to 50 degrees in summer. Palm trees full of date grow naturally in this area without the need for any chemicals or pesticides.

Net W. 200g

What is date coffee made of?

The date coffee is made from the seeds of the date, which is roasted and crushed into a beautiful brown powder that tastes and smells just like coffee with many significant differences, Date coffee is entirely caffeine-free, but that is not all, date seeds are jam-packed with minerals & vitamins and fatty acids.


Some of the unique benefits of date coffee.

Date Seed Coffee is one of the rarest natural products that carry the correct ratio between omega 6 & omega 3. This combination forms omega nine, which is The most essential fatty acid for brain and heart functionality.

Unlike the usual feeling of jitteriness that coffee brings to the nervous system, date coffee provides the body with real energy.
Some of the other benefits of date coffee are significant amounts of antioxidants & protein.