The Best Saffron Money Can Buy

Happy Saffron Chef

We’d like to introduce you to the best saffron money can buy (guaranteed).

Chefs who have tried Saffronice saffron tell us it’s the purest, richest, most flavorful saffron they’ve ever cooked with.

It makes every dish you send out of the kitchen look—and taste—better. And because this saffron is so potent, it goes further, gram for gram, than what most chefs can get their hands on…

...Meaning you'll wind up using less to get better results.

Look, we know these are pretty extraordinary claims. So we’re going to do two things.

First, we’ll offer you a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test a small quantity of our saffron in your kitchen. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a fast and courteous refund, no questions asked.

And second: we’re going to let you in on our little secret—and tell you exactly how and why our saffron beats anything else you can find.

Happy Saffron Farmer and Saffron Tea

Family farms in the heart of the saffron country

What really sets our saffron apart is our access to a small network of family farms

in the desert valleys of Khorasan (Iran). One of our company founders, Hossain Maleki, grew up on a saffron farm there. He still lives there today—he knows these farming families and works with them to get their product to an international market.

Now the thing is, Khorasan is saffron country. As in, the original saffron country, for over 5000 years.

You know how there are only a handful of places in the world that produce the best wine? Well, when it comes to saffron, Khorasan is like Burgandy, Napa, and Campania all rolled into one.

The climate, soil, and even the groundwater is as close to perfect for growing saffron as you'll find on planet Earth.

Still harvesting the right way

And these little farms in Khorasan, running on generations of tradition and know-how, still do everything the old-fashioned way—and manage to produce, year after year, an absolutely superior product in terms of potency and flavor.

They use heritage saffron bulbs that have been in the family for decades. They never, ever use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And it goes without saying that it's all GMO-free. 

But do you know what really makes the difference?

It's how they harvest.

Saffronice's farms still do things the traditional way. They only harvest in the few hours before dawn, when the saffron plants are at the peak of their potency.

Have you ever been out in a herb garden at night? You know how the plants seem to come alive in the darkness? How you can almost taste the basil and the rosemary in the air? 

Well, it’s the same with saffron.

The plants are at their most active those few hours after midnight and just before dawn. If you ever get the chance to stand in a saffron field at four in the morning, under the stars, don’t miss it. That scent will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This is why tradition dictates that the harvest must take place in the dead of night...and why traditional farmers will only harvest within that narrow window.

Once that desert sun rises, they stop until the next day.

Of course, the big, corporate farms that do 90% of the international export business don't have time for any of this. They just keep picking morning, noon, and night—and as a result, the overall potency of their crop drops like a rock.

They make a nice profit. Can’t blame them. But chefs—and diners—are missing out.

Saffron Farmers Hands

No shortcuts. No compromises.

The big guys also cut corners in the processing.

They'll sometimes mix higher-grade saffron with other parts of the flower to increase their product’s weight before sale. And they use machine dehydration to dry the saffron, which breaks down the delicate compounds that give saffron its distinctive flavor and color.

Our farms only use "sargol" part of the flower—which is the smallest and lightest part of the stigma. It’s also the most flavorful, and produces the richest possible color.

And our farmers dry their saffron the low-tech way: using the naturally dry desert air, in a cool, shady room.

Now all this means that they'll never be able to produce saffron in the same quantities as the giant landowners. But since these farms are all family owned, they aren't really interested in doing that anyway!

Honestly, they just want to keep the farm in the family and provide for the next generation—so that the kids can keep the tradition alive.

Since restaurant goers today are concerned not only with what they're eating, but with where it's coming from, you'll be able to say that your saffron is sustainably farmed and ethically sourced.

Which is something to be proud of. But the real bottom line for you?

You get the purest, most potent, highest quality saffron in the world.

An old business goes digital

Saffronice is new online, but the business has been around for years—exclusive supplier to high-end restaurants in Iran and around the world. Year after year, these restaurant owners come back to us and even pre-order before the harvest...because they know they're not going to find better saffron anywhere else.

Now we'd like to introduce our product to a wider market, which is why we set up this website.

We stand behind our product—so much so that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don't love what you try, and we mean really love it, we'll refund the purchase price: no questions asked, no hard feelings.

But frankly, we don't see that happening, because we know we’ve got something really special here—and the chefs who have tried Saffronice agree. That’s why we'd very much like for you to see (and taste) our saffron for yourself.

So in addition to guaranteeing the product, if you'd like to order a smaller quantity to test in your kitchen, we’re offering a 20% discount for your first purchase on our 5g, 10g, or 20g saffron packages. Just use this coupon code at the checkout when you order through our website: ChefsTest.

When you order, we'll ship your product either direct from the farms in Iran or from our climate-controlled center in Australia (we always ship from whichever location will be faster, depending on where you are).

We hope you'll order a trial today, so you have enough time to test our saffron before the end of the growing season.

That way, if you decide to go ahead and purchase a larger quantity, you'll have time to reserve your order before the November harvest (the larger wholesale pre-orders are already starting to roll in like they always do around this time each year).

Ordering is easy: just click this link to get your Saffronice through the order page of our website.

Remember, this all comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. So you’ve got nothing to lose…

But you may just discover the best saffron you’ve ever tried—and a way to set yourself apart from other chefs who aren’t in on the secret.

PS: If you think you'd like to start with a larger quantity right away, just use our contact form to request wholesale pricing (we’ll also fill you in on other wholesale benefits like free shipping, pre-ordering, etc).