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5 Grams Premium Saffron

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The ancient king Cyrus was renowned as a founder of empires but also as a wise ruler, one of the world's first champions of human rights. Cyrus is the ideal symbol of great things coming from small beginnings and the perfect name for our 5 Gram Saffron Package. The best choice for new buyers or people trying saffron for the first time.


How do I use saffron?

Cooking with saffron is generally very easy, and most recipes come with detailed instructions that will help you figure out how much saffron to use and when to add it in. But there are a few general guidelines that you can follow if you’re ever in any doubt.

The first rule, don’t overdo it! Some people like to empty out half a tin of saffron into their paella—which is both wasteful and completely unnecessary. Generally speaking, all you need for most dishes is around 10 to 20 of those gorgeous crimson saffron threads, and you’ll have all the colour, aroma, and flavour you need. It doesn’t take long for saffron to do its work, either: usually, five minutes is all the time it takes to fill your kitchen with that lovely saffron perfume.

What can I make with saffron?

Another bit of advice for new saffron users is to be bold and creative with your saffron. Maybe it’s the fact that saffron has been around for millennia, or maybe it’s because it has been used from the edges of Europe all the way to China, but you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a kind of dish that someone, somewhere hasn’t tried making with saffron! From paellas to stir-fries, rice puddings to sticky buns, ice creams to savoury roasts, you’ll find saffron in almost everything. So don’t be shy about experimenting, even if you can’t find a specific recipe online or in your cookbooks. Who knows? Maybe your saffron innovation will be the next big thing…