Body Cleanse Tea
Certified Organic Body Cleanse Organic Detox Tea Bags
Organic Detox Tea Bags
Organic Body Cleanse Organic Detox Tea Bags
Tea Detox
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Body Cleanse Organic Detox Tea

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Flush out Toxins with the Organic Body Cleanse Detox Tea

What’s better than enjoying a pleasant cup of tea beverage that can help you get rid of toxins from the body while giving that serene and peaceful effect to your Mind, Body, and spirit simultaneously! Our detox tea is all you need in the morning and after having a filling dinner. This exciting tea blend is full of just all-natural organic local and imported ingredients known to have spectacular health and medicinal characteristics. This caffeine-free tea blend features the sweet and earthy aroma and complex polarizing flavour of fennel seed, lemongrass, rose, and Calendula petals, which may help improve gut health and eliminate toxins that invade the body through air, food or water.

Why do we need to have a Body Cleanse Tea?

Nowadays, many of the food or drink we consume regularly are most likely to be treated with chemicals or are prepared using unnatural and artificial ways. Whether it is the food we prepare at home or the food we eat outside, it might contain such ingredients that are treated with harmful chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, flavours and aromas. These harmful toxins might have adverse effects on our body in one way or the other. A Detoxifying tea can help you to remove such nasties before it is too late.

What’s inside our Detox Tea?

We strive to bring pure and natural ingredients to our customers. Everything inside our Detox tea is organic and is certified by National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. Every element is added in a balanced amount to create the perfect blend of holiness.

Calendula Petals – Featuring a bittersweet taste and a sweet floral aroma, Calendula Petals are jampacked with antioxidants that may help combat cancer cells and possess antifungal and antimicrobial characteristics.

Fennel Seed – Fennel tea has been traditionally used for body detoxification, treat intestinal problems including bloating, gas, cramps and boosting metabolism.

Lemongrass – This zesty flavoured herb may aid in regulating blood pressure, good digestion, and treating body fever.

Liquorice Root – Primarily grown in Western Asia and the Mediterranean region, the root of this unique plant has been used in treating upset stomach, cough, cold, chest and nasal congestion.

Nettle – Sometimes known as stinging nettle due to its spiky leaves, this plant possess various medicinal and healing properties.

Red Rose Petals – The sweet-scented flowers of the Rose plant contain vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant properties

Juniper Berries – with a woody or spicy aroma, these berries are rich in Vitamin C and may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Specially designed Pyramid Teabag

The little pyramid teabags are made of Biodegradable material that is safe to use and a sustainable alternative to non-degradable plastic tea bags. These are super convenient to use. Just steep them in hot water for about 4-6 minutes and enjoy the perfect detox tea.