Liver and Gallbladder tea
herbal tea for Liver and Gallbladder
Liver and Gallbladder herbal tea
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Herbal Tea | Liver and Gallbladder

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Liver and Gallbladder Mineral Support

Did you know that your liver and gallbladder are the prime accessory organs in your body that are responsible for performing some crucial functions including detoxifying your body from unnecessary or harmful toxins, aiding digestion, and blood filtration! Unfortunately, many people around the globe are suffering from conditions like diabetes, heart and kidney diseases, and cirrhosis (mostly caused by chronic alcoholism). These diseases may have a fatal effect on your liver and gallbladder.

What do we need to support our liver and gallbladder

Normally, the human body can detox itself from harmful chemicals. However, you can further support this natural process by adding nutrients and antioxidants to your system. The damage caused by various diseases to your body’s vital organs like the liver can be temporary but still, it needs to be recovered from that loss to get back to the normal state.

This is where a liver and gallbladder support tea may prove helpful. People with high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar or cholesterol level and considerable alcohol intake can try our natural liver and gallbladder mineral support tea to aid the normal functioning of these organs naturally.


We can proudly claim that our loose tea is made of pure ingredients to provide natural support to your liver and gallbladder. None of the ingredients is treated with pesticides or added with artificial aromatics. Moreover, we do not add any nasties to increase the weight of our natural tea. The ingredients are combined in perfect ratios To get the maximum benefit.

  • Barberry bark – This special ingredient is certified organic and is known to possess miraculous anti-inflammatory benefits. According to some studies, this medicinal herb can be used to treat gallstones, pain in the gallbladder, liver, digestive and urinary tract diseases.

  • Fennel seeds – Another certified organic ingredient that stars our natural liver support tea is the fennel seeds. Apart from doing wonders in relieving cough, treating colic, alleviating bloating and providing protection against heart diseases, these seeds may also help to maintain a healthy liver and gallbladder owing to their remarkable cleansing properties.

How to use our liver support tea

Making a good tea is a matter of moments. All you need to do is to put two teaspoons of our mixed tea in a cup of warm water and let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes and you are all set to relish the goodness of our organic tea.