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10 Grams Premium Saffron

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King Darius ruled the greatest dynasty that humans have ever experienced at the peak of its power and was famed as a brilliant administrator: building roads, unifying currencies and languages, and establishing a stable government. Darius stands for long-term planning, building something for the future. And this is why our 10 Gram Saffron Package carries his name: it's the ideal pick for someone who has decided to make a real investment in saffron.



How long does Saffronice saffron last?

Good question! The short answer is quite a while, provided that you store it correctly.

At Saffronice, we take extreme care to make sure that our saffron is packaged and shipped under ideal conditions. This means that after the initial processing, our saffron is shipped either directly from the farms or from our climate-controlled shipping facility in Australia (depending on where you’re ordering from, so as to avoid delays).

Additionally, one of our founders is a trained architect and designer, and she has helped us to develop environmentally-friendly packaging that also does a marvellous job of protecting your saffron during shipping. And of course, whether we’re shipping within Australia or worldwide, we only contract with reputable, experienced logistics firms. All of this means that our saffron will arrive in the best possible condition and, stored properly, will last up to a year or more.

Please note: only prepare enough saffron to use for one cooking session at a time. Do not Simmer or ground Saffron for future usage and long term storage. 

Saffron doesn’t really “spoil” like some foods, but it can lose potency over time, which you want to avoid! The good news is that saffron storage is pretty straightforward: keep it in one of our airtight tins or a similarly sealed container from your kitchen. Make sure it’s stored in a cool, dry place—and never expose it to direct sunlight. For most folks, keeping their Saffronice saffron in its original packaging and storing it in a spice cupboard away from the stove will do the trick, meaning you can enjoy your saffron all year long.