20 grams Saffron Threads
Premium Saffron Threads
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20 Grams Premium Saffron

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20 Grams Premium Saffron Threads

King Xerxes was a man of great ambition--the original "big dreamer". His lasting legacy comes from the vast construction projects that he completed, which still awe people today. Xerxes was larger than life figure and represented majesty, grandeur, and greatness. That's why we've named our 20 Gram Saffron Package after him: for those with a Xerxes-sized hunger for saffron, it's the only choice to make.



What makes Saffronice saffron different?

If you’re looking to invest in a larger quantity of saffron, you have every right to know that you’re getting the best product possible. And we at Saffronice believe that our saffron, thread for thread, gram for gram, is the finest you can buy anywhere in the world. But that’s not just pride talking—there’s a reason for our confidence (plus we’ve got the lab tests to prove it).

The source: To start with, we’ve got a direct line to a network of small family farms in the Khorasan region of the Middle East—literally the best climate on Earth for growing saffron. These farms were carefully selected for their strict adherence to traditional farming methods and their obsession with quality (in fact, we turned down many other producers who wanted to work with us).

Tradition: Our little network of saffron farms still does things the old way. They use heritage saffron bulbs—some of the highest quality plants in the world—that have been passed down in the family from generation to generation. It’s literally impossible for the big industrial producers to get their hands on these (as much as they’d like to), because they’re basically family heirlooms in this part of the world. And our farmers never use pesticides or harsh chemicals in the growing process.

Harvest and Processing: Our farmers only harvest saffron in the painstaking, traditional way: everything is done by hand, during the narrow nighttime window when the plants are at the peak of their potency, in small batches. They air dry the saffron just like their grandparents did, instead of using the harsh dehydrators or heat-drying methods used by agribusiness farms—modern “innovations” that damage and break down the delicate biochemical compounds in saffron.

The science: So what’s the end result of doing things the right way—the old-fashioned, slow way? Saffron that’s more potent, more flavorful, and more effective than the competition. How do we know? Because every batch is lab tested to make sure it meets the ISO quality standard for saffron—and we’re proud to say that our product regularly exceeds that mark by up to 20%.