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Cajun Cooking With Fish
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Cajun Spice

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Cajun Spice 

Influenced by African, Indigenous American and French cuisines, our Cajun spice blend is a semi-hot spice mix, featuring paprika, cumin, garlic, mustard, black pepper, dried onion, oregano, thyme, salt and chilli. Our bespoke Saffronice Cajun blend works well with fish, meat and vegetables.

Used as a spice rub, mixed with a little oil and massaged onto your meat or fish, sear your grill of choice in a very hot pan, allowing the spice mix to blacken, before finishing cooking in the oven. Delicious! You can also try mixing some of our Cajun spice blend with a little butter and using it to toss your veggies – it’s particularly great with green beans, or added to rice during cooking to bring a little heat and warmth to your meal.

Size: 50gr

 Form: Dried

100% Natural

Made in Australia from Local & Imported ingredients