Celery Seed Shaker Bottle 175g
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Celery Seed 175gr

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Celery Seed 

The seeds of the celery plant are both a tasty cooking ingredient, and a nutrient-dense health product, packed with calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. Celery seeds are also said to work as an antioxidant, help to control blood sugar and hold antibacterial properties - which is a great reason why we all really should be using them more!

Celery seeds can be made into a tea, by steeping a teaspoon of seeds in hot water, and they make a great tasting addition to salad dressings, soups and tomato-based dishes, where they bring a celery-like piquancy and earthiness. Celery seeds are also a great addition to dry rubs, dressings and pickling liquids. Here at Saffronice, we recommend using your celery seeds whole or lightly crushed in cooking, as grinding them can make them overly bitter and taint the taste of your dish.


Comes in an easy to use shaker.

Size: 175gr

 Form: Dried

100% Natural

Product of India