Fenugreek Seed 250g Bottle
Fenugreek flower
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Fenugreek Seed 250gr

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Fenugreek Seed

This is a chameleon of the spice cupboard. Fenugreek seed on its own has a harsh and bitter flavour, but when blended and cooked with other aromatics, it delivers a caramelised, nutty sweetness to savoury dishes.

Fenugreek can be soaked overnight to remove some of the bitterness, but it works equally well used as a foundation spice in Indian dishes such as Kasoori Methi curry, or added to a paratha dough or cooked with rice, for a sweet smoky flavour.

Fenugreek seeds are rich in amino acids and fibre and are used holistically to treat diabetes, heart disease, heartburn and even sore throats! The water from soaked seeds can even be used as an antibacterial face wash.

Increases the exoticness of your curries, soups and stew recipes.

Comes in an easy to use shaker.

Size: 250gr

Form: Seed

100% Natural

Product of India