1 Gram Premium Persian Saffron

One Gram Saffron - Limited Edition

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One Gram Limited Edition Saffron comes in a brass container that has been laser printed with our brand to celebrate our first birthday. Its tightly screw-on top ensures that no moist can get in and it keeps the Saffron fresh for a more extended period. We have only made 500 of these little beauties so they won't be here for too long. If you are new to the world of Saffron or would like to use this attractive small container of Premium Persian Saffron as a gift, then the one gram limited edition is a great option.

Remember to keep your Saffron in the fridge and away from light, and it will last for up to 2 years. Also do not powder all of your Saffron at once, its best to powder Saffron only as much as you need to use on the day because when powdered it will oxidize quicker unless it's in a sealed container like the ones we sell.

The size of these containers is 3 centimetre in diameter and little over 1 cm in height, they are made from a single piece brass metal.