Smoked Paprika 170gr Shaker Bottle

Smoked Paprika 170gr

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Smoked Paprika

No paella is complete without the addition of sweet, pungent smoked paprika. Unlike its cousins, hot paprika and sweet paprika, smoked paprika adds a totally unique taste to the dishes it’s added to. Just a little is needed to transform your cooking. It’s particularly good with grilled meats, goulash… anywhere you need to add a little warmth and smokiness.

Smoked paprika is widely used in Spanish cooking and is what is responsible for giving chorizo it’s unmistakably smoky taste. It’s great with chicken, stirred through lentils, scattered on sauté potatoes or massaged onto a steak that’s ready for the barbeque. If you’ve only ever cooked with regular paprika, our Saffronice smoked version will be a complete game-changer.

Size: 170gr

Form: Powder

100% Natural

Product of Spain