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Real or Fake Saffron?

How To Tell Real Saffron From Fake

Learn how to differentiate fake Saffron from real Saffron and how to do the purity test. Also what to ask when you are buying saffron online and what to look for.

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How to Prepare & Use Saffron - The Correct Way!


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Customer Feedback about Blood Pressure & Energy Level Changes

Wayne is one of our lovely customers who have been using Saffron for a few months. 

He has started to see the benefits of Saffron on his blood circulation and energy levels after using Saffron. 

Over time the antioxidants in Saffron will help his body to neutralize all free radicals whitin his system and as the result he will feel healthier in body & mind plus experience more energy.

Customer Experience

I purchased this at the Noosa Farmers market after noticing the health benefits of this golden thread. I care full time for my dad with dementia. After only a couple of weeks of putting the preperation as recomended in his tea each morning dad has started using my name again. Dad has no idea he is getting saffron each morning but the difference in him is phenominal in my eyes. Thank you

Louise O-E

More energy .less stress and less anxiety lower pulse rate while bike riding.

Wayne Morris

I recommend this product to everyone. I initially bought this for my sister who is been suffering from depression for some years now. after only using for 2 weeks she is smiling more and getting out to do things more. I now started using it for my self and my wife too. we put it in our coffee every morning. cheers to the saffronice team.

Bradley Paterson

Lovely fragrance and tasty, especially in Basmati butter rice. Quick delivery.


I am amazed by the aroma of this Saffron. Seems like everytime I use it, my whole kitchen has been sprayed with Saffron Perfume!

Terry McKenon

We use Saffron from Saffronice in our kitchen and cant be more satisfy.

AJ's Kitchen

Thanks for the fast delivery, the Saffron is amazing. It's now part of my daily routine. I just add it to my smoothie before work out.

Harry Popovich

I have been taking 30 drops a day of cold brew saffron for 2 weeks. Feeling the love. A beautiful product and saffron is high in antioxidant. My digestion has improved. Feeling great.Thank you for the possibility to shine.

Ona klova