Pure Saffron Threads

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World's Finest Saffron

Rich in Antioxidants

Vivid Colour & Aroma


    Since 2016 our only goal has been to share our passion for saffron with the world. Since then, we've had the opportunity to connect with over 6,000 saffron enthusiasts. Every product we offer is part of our daily lives, a true testament to our commitment to quality. We stand so firmly behind our saffron & other unique creations that we confidently offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    Embark on a culinary journey with our Pure Saffron Threads, a symbol of tradition and quality. Sourced from small family farms, our saffron is a product of passion and heritage, where traditional harvesting methods are revered. These farms utilize NON-GMO bulbs and treasured heirlooms passed down through generations, ensuring the continuity of premium quality. We take pride in our sourcing process, selecting handpicked saffron before the sun intensifies, preserving its delicate properties.

    Our commitment to authenticity extends to the drying process, favouring natural methods over industrial dehydration to retain the saffron's inherent aroma and flavour. Available in various sizes and packaged in resealable cans, our saffron threads are protected from moisture and UV exposure, ensuring their freshness and potency.   

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    Storage & Shelf Life

    Our packaging is 100% UV-Protected to maintain the quality & benefits of our saffron. Encased in a food-grade metal can, our saffron is shielded from moisture, ensuring its quality remains uncompromised.

    - Keep sealed and Refrigerated.
    - Do not expose to sunlight or moisture for longer than necessary.

    Proper storage ensures that you'll get the most out of this precious spice for up to two years.

    Colour, Flavour & Aroma

    Colour (Crocin):
    International Standard: 140-220
    Our Saffronice Standard: 231+

    Flavour (Picrococin):
    International Standard: 70-85
    Our Saffronice Standard: 88+

    Aroma (Safranal):
    International Standard: 20-50
    Our Saffronice Standard: 36+

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    Health Benefits
    • Mood enhancement
    • Cognitive support
    • Comfort during PMS
    • Sleep improvement
    • General well-being

    Whilst there is some scientific research indicating that saffron may offer various health benefits, please note that all the information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. It should not be regarded as a replacement for medical advice, and it is not intended to be utilised as the primary method for treating any medical conditions or health concerns.

    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads
    Pure Saffron Threads

    Lab tested and traditionally harvested

    At Saffronice, we're committed to quality, sourcing our saffron from small family farms that follow age-old traditions. All our Saffron undergoes rigorous lab testing to guarantee unmatched quality and purity. This ensures you're getting the world's purest and most potent saffron, all backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

    • Lab Tested

      Our Saffron is lab tested and regularly exceeds International ISO standards.

    • Money Back Guarantee

      We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

    • 100% Organic

      Non-GMO & Pesticide Free, maintaining our Saffron's health benefits.

    • Traditionally Harvested

      By hand from heritage family farms, then carefully dried.

    • Our Philosophy

      Our hearts beat for saffron—genuine, soul-stirring saffron. We're passionate about life and wellness, and we can't stand the deceit that often clouds this golden spice. That's why we've partnered with small family farms that share our commitment to authenticity and quality.

      Driven by a love for genuine health and a real aversion to industry fakes, we've harnessed our deep ties in the saffron world to bring you something special. It's not just about the spice for us; it's about education, authenticity, and a bit of fun sprinkled in—connections stronger than Alex's espresso, if you will.

      So come on in, experience saffron in its true essence, handpicked and heart-delivered. Let's make your culinary journey one to remember.

    • Who we are

      Alex, with his culinary and business experience, is a coinisseur who makes sure that our saffron is both accessible and exceptional.

      Matty's background in global health ensures that our saffron meets the highest standards for potency and purity.

    • Harvesting Saffron

      Each Saffron thread is one of just three that can be harvested from each bulb. As dawn breaks, skilled farmers head to the fields to handpick the delicate crimson stigmas of the saffron crocus. It's a race against the sun, as the flowers must be harvested before they fully open. Each flower offers only three red threads, making the process as meticulous as it is poetic. The threads are then air-dried, preserving their vibrant hue and soul-stirring aroma.

    Over 6,000+ Happy Customers

    Thank you Alex & Matty for your passion and dedication. Your products are amazing.

    Terry M.

    I am truly enjoying your range of honey and soaps. It's great to have found a producer who actually cares about quality!


    Thanks for the fast delivery, the Saffron is amazing. It's now part of my daily routine. I just add it to my smoothie or drink.


    Haven't had saffron this good since my last visit to Iran in the 80's.


    I only just bought my Date Seed Coffee this morning and I am pretty much addicted already in the best possible way it is so full of goodness.

    Sandra P.