Saffron Powder 2 Grams
2 Grams Saffron Powder in Reusable container
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2 Grams Saffron Powder

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Introducing 2 Grams of Pure, Powdered Saffron.  

The health benefits of daily saffron use are truly remarkable—which is one reason why saffron has earned the nickname “red gold”. But there’s just one catch. Lots of folks tell us they don’t have an easy way to take their saffron with them when they’re out and about.

That’s why we developed Red Gold Saffron Powder. It’s ready-to-use, powdered saffron that comes in its own easy-to-carry reusable protective container.

Created just for saffron lovers on the go, Red Gold Powder is 100% Persian 'sargol' (the tip of Stigma) saffron in powder form. Each order is shipped in a specially designed carrying case to keep your saffron safe from the elements.

Saffron Powder is easy to use. If you’re travelling, just add a pea-sized pinch to your food or drink for that daily dose of saffron goodness. At the gym or yoga studio? Supercharge your protein shake, smoothie, or BCAAs with saffron to boost performance and speed recovery. And even if you’re out in the wilderness or at the beach, you can just stir Red Gold Saffron Powder into your drinking water or iced tea to enjoy your saffron as you commune with nature.

Red Gold Saffron Powder is never mass-produced. As a matter of fact, we powder the saffron for each order individually in order to ensure maximum freshness and potency. Because heat can break down the delicate biochemical compounds that give saffron its medicinal properties, we use a special “cold powdering” process to ensure that the heat from friction stays within the safe range for saffron.

We package each order in a specially designed protective container made from food-grade aluminium. This custom carrier is light-proof, moisture-proof, and airtight, so you know your saffron will be safe from the elements—no matter where you take it. Each container holds 2 grams of saffron and comes on a handy little ring, so you can keep it with your keys, in your purse, or even around your neck!

Ideal for saffron lovers who lead busy lives, Red Gold Saffron Powder means that you’ll never miss your daily dose of saffron again. Whether you’re on a business trip or sweating it out at the gym, on the boat fishing or deep in the heart of nature on walkabout, Red Gold Saffron powder lets you enjoy saffron anytime, anywhere.