5 Things You Need to Know about Liquid Saffron

All about liquid saffron

If you’re a saffron buyer, you’ve probably heard about liquid saffron: the famous “liquid red gold” in a bottle. But you may have a few questions about it, like a lot of people we’ve talked to. In this short post, we’ll try to answer the questions we’ve heard most often, and offer a few helpful tips that will tell you how and where to find the liquid saffron that’s right for you.

What is liquid saffron?

Liquid saffron is, quite simply, any liquid that has been infused with saffron or saffron extract. This covers a lot of ground, though. Liquid saffron products run the gamut from natural, holistic preparations that only use pure saffron and water, to the more “industrial strength” varieties that contain chemicals, preservatives, and even alcohol.

Liquid Saffron BottlesHow is liquid saffron made?

Ideally, liquid saffron should be produced as a simple, classic infusion: just high-quality saffron threads and pure water.

But again, depending on the source, a liquid saffron preparation may have gone through a few extra (and unnecessary) steps before it reaches the consumer.

Some companies rely on over-processed saffron which has gone through heat dehydration during drying—meaning that the delicate biochemical compounds that give saffron its medicinal properties are already broken down by the time this saffron reaches the brewing stage.

Other vendors make the common mistake of brewing saffron like tea, using scalding hot liquids, which again wreaks havoc on the chemistry of saffron threads and results in a “watered-down” product (no pun intended).  

And if a manufacturer is mass-producing bottled saffron for long-term storage, then this obviously necessitates the use of stabilizers and preservatives: not a good thing for consumers who want a natural product or health supplement.

At Saffronice, we only use two ingredients in our Cold Brew Liquid Saffron: 100% Persian sargol saffron and filtered rainwater from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queens Land. Our saffron is organically farmed and hand-processed the natural way (no chemicals or heat dehydration). We brew each and every customer’s order individually, using our proprietary cold brewing process, to ensure maximum potency and freshness.

How do I use liquid saffron?

Liquid saffron is incredibly easy to use. If you’re cooking with it, just wait for your food to be cool enough for eating and then add a few drops to whatever you’re making. Around 10-20 drops are enough to add a rich flavour and beautiful colour to any dish, including soups, stews, paellas, teas and lemonades, or even ice creams and puddings.

If you’re using cold brew saffron as a health supplement for its medicinal properties, the recommended daily dose for an adult is around 20 drops per day. Just take it with a bit of cool water or milk once a day and enjoy the many, many benefits of regular saffron use.

How do I store liquid saffron?

It depends on whether or not your saffron contains chemical preservatives or stabilizers. If you’ve bought all-natural, preservative-free saffron (crucial if you’re using it as a health supplement), then you’ll need to keep it refrigerated. Most producers have a use-by date on the bottle, and you’d do well to follow their advice.

For example, we recommend using our cold brew saffron within 40 days of manufacture. Since we brew every single bottle to order, and since our bottles are sized for individual use, that should provide plenty of time to use your purchase. Each bottle contains about 600 drops, which, at the recommended dosage of 20 drops per day, should last about a month.

It’s also recommended to keep any saffron product (liquid or otherwise) away from direct sunlight. Obviously, in the fridge that won’t be an issue, but if you’re having your saffron shipped to you, make sure it comes in some kind of light-proof container to keep it shielded from bright light and UV radiation.

Where can I buy liquid saffron?

If you have access to a really excellent local farmers market, you may be able to buy fresh, all-natural liquid saffron direct from the producer. Lucky you!

But be careful when buying at health food stores and specialty groceries, as you may run into products which were intended to sit on a shelf for weeks or months—and that means chemicals and preservatives (a big no-no if you’re using saffron as a health aide).

And of course, you can also buy online, which may actually be the best bet for finding pure, natural liquid saffron. Boutique producers with access to top-quality saffron can take customer orders online and handcraft them one by one, providing a fresh, all-natural, and chemical-free product.

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  • Are there any web sites to order from inside the US that sell pure organic, chemical-free, liquid or even capsules of medicinal saffron to help with my AMD?


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