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Saffron Vanilla Extract
Saffron Vanilla Ice cream
Saffron vanilla Aged extract
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Saffron Vanilla Aged Extract

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From cupcakes to ice cream, coffee to cakes, frosting to delectable sweet sauces, you can always try different recipes by skipping sugar or create your version of a recipe by subtracting flour, yeast or eggs but one thing that always remains universal in the preparation of every luscious sweet dish, to give it that unique, musky, sweet and aromatic flavour, is the Vanilla Extract. This baking essential is the need of every chef or home cook to make desserts that genuinely stand out. So here we are presenting you our version of vanilla extract added with the goodness of the golden spice, Saffron. 

How do we create our unique Saffron Vanilla Extract? 

The integrity of a product merely depends upon what goes inside it. Therefore, we choose only the finest quality ingredients to create our incredible Saffron Vanilla Extract. There are various ways to extract the deep, rich and succulent flavours of vanilla. The typical procedure used by many people to create vanilla extract is by heating the alcohol first and then putting it in a jar of vanilla beans or pods. Little do they know that this process may affect the unique flavours of vanilla. Undoubtedly, this procedure is fast and will help the beans to open up but the quality of vanilla extract is compromised. There are many useful antioxidants present in the vanilla that can be destroyed by heated alcohol. 

Therefore, our food scientist adopts a more professional and reliable approach to extract the authentic flavours of vanilla and maintain its goodness. To create our vanilla saffron extract, we do not heat any of our ingredients at all. Instead, we follow a cold processing technique in which all the contents, including the vanilla pods and saffron threads, are soaked in aged Bourbon whiskey for at least a year. This slow and gradual process brings out the delightful colours and flavours of Saffron and vanilla. 

Why do you need to try our vanilla saffron extract?

The thing that makes our featured vanilla extract exquisite is that it retains all the naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants as the whole process is done in a cold and dark environment. This vanilla extract is free from artificial colours, flavours, and aromatics and is made solely from the following ingredients.

  • Fresh and organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea 
  • 100% natural saffron threads, hand-collected by our diligent farmers in Iran.
  • Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Our Aged Saffron Vanilla Extract is gluten-free, sugar-free and non-GMO and is made in a controlled environment to pop out the authentic flavours of all the ingredients. Moreover, the use of Saffron adds its unique scent and flavour and its exclusive nutritional value to the bold flavours of vanilla. 

Ways to use Vanilla Extract

There are many ways to use vanilla extract in your sweet and savoury delights. You can add it to make cakes, ice-creams, coffee, cookies, cocktails, pasta sauces, chocolate desserts and hot sauces, just to name a few.