Ecoence, A New Dawn in Agri-Tech Innovation

Introducing Ecoence: A Nexus of Tradition and Innovation

At Saffronice, we stand at the intersection of heritage and innovation, leading the charge towards the agricultural future. For over a decade, our commitment to the ancient craft of saffron cultivation has been unwavering. Yet, it's our forward-looking vision that has propelled us to the forefront of agricultural innovation, culminating in the creation of Ecoence. This subsidiary is more than just an offshoot; it's the embodiment of our quest to blend time-honoured tradition with the cutting-edge advancements of modern agriculture.

From Deep-Rooted Insights to Groundbreaking Solutions

Our journey began with an essential query: How could we leverage Australia's robust agricultural capabilities and technological forefront to tackle the global hurdles in saffron production? This led us on a deep dive into R&D, exploring the untapped potentials of saffron. Moving from the traditional farms of Iran to the bustling markets of Queensland, our goal was crystal clear: to drive innovation centered on sustainability, quality, and efficiency.

Bridging the Past to Shape the Future: Ecoence's Vision for Sustainable Agriculture"

Ecoence embodies a commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions, inspired by the resilience and transformative power of nature observed during the Eocene epoch. As we face urgent challenges like resource depletion and environmental degradation, our mission leverages high-tech agriculture to drastically reduce water usage and ecological footprint, preserving our planet for future generations. Echoing the essence of the Eocene, Ecoence merges historical wisdom with modern innovation, symbolizing our dedication to ecology, science, and the essence of life itself. Join us on this journey to transform agricultural practices, ensuring a thriving planet for all.

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Ecoence

  • Inside of a container farm

    Zero Waste Approach

    Ecoence's pioneering research on saffron flowers and zero waste farming highlights our firm commitment to sustainability and efficiency. A holistic approach is taken, utilizing every part of the plant.

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    TargetMarket Segments

    Ecoence's advanced solutions target pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and sustainability enthusiasts, establishing Ecoence as a leading player in a varied market.

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    Growth Opportunities

    The luxury saffron market, with its noteworthy economic possibilities, provides an excellent platform for Ecoence's strategic involvement, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future.

Global Saffron Market Dynamics

Saffron Market Dynamics

The saffron market faces inefficiencies, waste, volatility, and sustainability challenges. Transformative solutions are needed due to traditional farming's resource consumption and climate vulnerability.

Ecoence's Strategic Market Entry

Ecoence addresses these complexities with cutting-edge container farming, targeting the pharmaceutical sector and setting new standards for sustainable, high-quality saffron production.

The Growing Strain on Saffron Agriculture

The urgent need for Ecoence's innovative solutions is underscored by inefficiencies in water usage and crop management in traditional saffron farming, compounded by market volatility and environmental issues.

Market Size and Growth Opportunities

The premium saffron market offers economic promise for Ecoence's interventions.

Competitive Landscape

Ecoence differentiates itself from traditional practices by prioritizing sustainability and quality while leveraging technology.

Revolutionising the Saffron Industry

Ecoence is spearheading the fight against saffron market fraud by promoting transparency and empowering consumers through education. By teaching consumers to identify genuine saffron, Ecoence combats counterfeit
products, ensuring informed purchasing decisions. Our rigorous certification and quality assurance processes set new industry standards, establishing Ecoence as a trusted source for premium
saffron. Utilizing AI and IoT for sustainable, efficient cultivation, our container farms produce pure, high-quality saffron, resistant to the traditional industry's vulnerabilities. As we aim to become the authoritative voice in the saffron market, Ecoence is dedicated to redirecting consumer preference towards authenticated, sustainably produced saffron, thereby undermining fraudulent market activities.
This mission is crucial as we address the urgent need highlighted by
recent fraud incidents, including the significant Interpol interception, emphasizing the market's demand for a reliable, quality-focused source like Ecoence in an era where Australian interest in saffron cultivation is rising, despite quality and certification concerns.

Blueprint for Growth

  • Container Farms Sales

    Leading agritech with Dr. Movahedy's protocols, Ecoence establishes global benchmarks, showcasing technical expertise and strategic planning from thorough research.

  • Saffron Solution Sales

    Custom formulations address unique market needs, showcasing Ecoence's ability to innovate and adapt, leveraging deep industry insights to enhance market penetration.

  • Ecoence Marketplace

    Blockchain technology integration for traceability showcases Ecoence's dedication to transparency and quality, developed through years of industry experience.

  • Ecoence E-Learning

    Creating a vast agritech curriculum with educational partners, Ecoence leverages academic excellence and industry expertise to nurture future agritech leaders.

  • Lab Services

    The ambition to become an expert in agritech quality control and advisory mirrors Ecoence's deep comprehension of the sector's demands and obstacles, refined by continuous study and creativity.

  • Licensing and Franchising

    Exploring scalable models for technology transfer, particularly in emerging markets, Ecoence leverages global insights and strategic partnerships, aiming for widespread impact.

Saffron Products

Saffron-Based Product Line

Ecoence's expansion into the natural wellness market through its saffron-based product line is a strategic move to meet the increasing consumer demand for natural health products. With Mahtab Lahijany expertise as a food innovative engineer who has developed Many unique saffron-derived products, Ecoence is uniquely positioned to innovate and captivate the market. This initiative leverages years of market analysis and trend observation, ensuring that Ecoence's product offerings are perfectly aligned with consumer preferences for authenticity, quality, and wellness benefits, thereby capitalizing on the burgeoning natural wellness sector.

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Why Partner with Us?

  1. Leadership and Expertise: Be part of a journey led by globally recognized leaders in agritech and saffron cultivation.
  2. Innovation at Its Core: Engage with proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies poised to set new standards in agriculture.
  3. Sustainable Impact: Contribute to an initiative that places sustainability, efficiency, and global accessibility at its heart.
  4. Embark on a Transformative Journey with Ecoence
    Join us as we redefine the boundaries of agricultural technology, making sustainable farming practices the norm, not the exception. Your partnership or investment in Ecoence is not just a commitment to innovation but a step towards cultivating a better future for our planet.


  • Mahtab Lahijany: M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, M.Sc. in Business and Project Management. Co-Founder, Visionary, and a major stakeholder
  • Mr. Alex Zar: Co-Founder and stakeholder at Book of Healing Pty Ltd, also serving as the Managing Director of Saffronice.
  • Dr. Jing Wang: Scientist in Agriscience at Queensland's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Dr. Di Wu: Computing Scientist, Lecturer, and Researcher at the University of Southern Queensland.
  • Mrs. Alicia Paterson: HR Manager/Stakeholder at Book of Healing Pty Ltd.
  • Dr. Saeed Movahedi: Scientist in Agriscience, Expert in Greenhouse, Aquaponic, hydroponic Farming, Expert in Saffron Farming.

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