Man Drinking Date Seed Coffee

By Alex Zar

Quick Guide to Date Seed Coffee Benefits

The great thing about date seed coffee is that it does not make you jittery because it does not have caffeine!

 Have you been looking for A Coffee Alternative That’s Actually Good For You?

If yes then you are in the right place.

Many of us enjoy a coffee in the morning but we all know the feeling of overdoing it. Side effects of caffeine like bitterness, heightened anxiety, and insomnia are all too familiar!

Date Seed Coffee:

Date seed coffee offers a perfect alternative! You can drink as much as you like because it’s naturally caffeine-free giving a natural energy boost thanks to the minerals and vitamins inside!

Produced in the same way as coffee, date seeds are roasted and crushed, offering a beautiful taste and aroma that’s so similar to coffee, its uncanny.

Developed in the southern parts of Iran, dates have been used for centuries in the belief of their nutritional value. Until now, this unshared secret was only known in these middle-eastern regions.

Recent studies suggest that date seeds could provide an excellent source of dietary fibre that many of us could use.

Date Seed Coffee

The benefit reported we found most impressive is the high amount of phenolic antioxidant compounds found in date seeds (study link). Potential benefits of these compounds are thought to include a reduction in blood sugar levels, increased brain sharpness, promotion of healthy gut bacteria, along with the prevention of certain cancers and heart disease according to Healthline. How amazing is that?

A study also found that Iranian date seeds, in particular, have a high source of natural antioxidants, could this boast benefits further? The dates in our product are sourced from the Persian Gulf Region where temperatures are so high nasty chemicals and pesticides aren’t needed.

Date seed coffee offers a perfect natural alternative to coffee to add to your morning routine. If you still can’t drop the caffeine there is nothing stopping you making a blend with traditional coffee!

Date seed coffee recipes can be found throughout the internet. People use it for all sorts of things, like adding it to smoothies, cookies and cakes! If you’ve used date seed coffee in a unique way we’d love to hear about it!

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