By Mariam Mirzoyan

How to Brew Lose Leaf Tea in a Teapot?

A quick guide to brewing tea.

Easy Tea Brewing Method

To properly enjoy your tea, you will need to brew the tea with care and patients. A good quality tea requires 10-15 minutes for brewing & simmering time, unlike a low-quality tea which has been sprayed with colour, preservatives and fragrance, and it will release its colour within a few seconds. This is an easy way of finding out if your tea is of high quality or not.

tea pot
The Best Temperature to Brew Tea:

Once the water comes to the boiling point, it will be at 100C, turn off the heat and wait for 45-60 seconds (The water temperature will have dropped to 85C-90C) then pour it over your tea which could be directly in a teapot or a strainer. At this point you will need to keep the temperature steady around 85C, one easy way to do this is to cover the teapot with a towel, another way would be to have your teapot on a low heat stove. Allow 10-15 minutes for the simmering or until you are satisfied with the colour that has been released into the teapot.

How Much Loose Leaf Tea Do I Need?

The amount of tea that you use in this recipe is an individual choice and depends on how strong you would like your tea brew to be. Personally, I enjoy a full tablespoon of tea per person. So a teapot for two people would have around two tablespoons of tea in it, but then again you might want to drink a more potent brew, so find out the right amount for you.

Can I Reheat and Reuse Tea?

It is not advisable to drink overnight leftover tea due to releasing Oxalate, which may cause kidney stones to develop.

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