Saffron Syrup


How to Use Saffron Syrup to make a Saffron Drink

With Saffron Syrup it is very easy to make a delicious Saffron Drink. Just add one shot of the Saffron Syrup to a glass of water or soda water, if you like decorate your Saffron Drink with a slice of lemon or lime and couple mint leaves.

If you have the time and you prefer to ferment your drink, simply follow these instructions:

  • Add 1 whole bottle of 440ml saffron syrup to 2.5 litres of Water.
  • Mix it thoroughly and poor it in a few bottles with tight lids.
  • Let the bottles sit for about 4-6 days at room temperature.
  • Check to see how much gas is buildup in the bottles. Once there is a good build up of gas in the bottles, your drink will be all ready to enjoy.
  • It’s best to drink it cold & to use it within 4-5 weeks.
  • Make sure you keep your fermented drinks in the fridge, this will slow down the fermentation and stop the bottles from exploding :)

This Saffron Syrup bottle is 440ml and it will provide you with a total of 3 litres of Saffron drink.

Another way to use this golden syrup is as a salad dressing, simply add it to Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper for seasoning and maybe a twist of lemon. To increase the aroma you can use Smoked Salt.