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Vanilla Saffron Orange Paste

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With a delightfully sweet taste, lovely consistency and a beautiful grainy texture, our Vanilla Saffron Orange Paste feature the finest attributes of fresh and organic Vanilla from Papua New Guinea, bold flavours of the all-pure and natural delicately harvested saffron threads from our farms in Iran, raw Honey from Sunshine Coast, Australia and the perfect tanginess of local Orange peels. 

Vanilla paste has become the top choice of many chefs and home bakers to add a lovely vanilla flavour and the consistency and thickness of vanilla beans to their cakes, frostings, ice cream, cookies & many other products.

What makes our Vanilla Saffron Paste unique?

Our featured vanilla saffron bean paste is a little more than any typical vanilla paste. The exotic aroma and flavour profile of vanilla pairs up with the bold, earthy flavours and the strong aromatic properties of pure saffron. These unique flavours are further enhanced by the sweetness of 100% pure raw honey and the exquisite tinge of orange peel. Besides adding one of the finest ingredients, our vanilla paste with saffron is free of artificial flavours, aromatics or thickening agents. All the ingredients are carefully and organically obtained to maintain the integrity of the product. 

Guaranteed quality with our proprietary procedure

Heating vanilla beans in alcohol or adding vanilla pods to heated alcohol might speed the process of extraction of flavours, however, this technique affects the natural goodness of its ingredients. On the contrary to this bizarre procedure, we aim to maintain the natural goodness of all the valuable contents inside. To make the perfect vanilla paste, we soak all the ingredients, including whole vanilla pods, saffron threads, fresh orange peel and raw Honey in the aged bourbon whiskey for no less than a year. This cold processing technique is slow but promising as it preserves all the natural flavours. 


  • Fresh Papua New Guinea Vanilla Pods and seeds
  • Pesticide-free organic saffron threads
  • Aged Bourbon Whiskey
  • Raw Honey from Eucalyptus & gumtree Forests of Sunshine Coast
  • Fresh Orange Peel for the perfect citrusy aroma and slight tanginess 

How to use vanilla saffron paste

The flavours of our vanilla saffron orange paste are so strong and unique that you can use this paste in a wide variety of sweet and baking recipes. Just a teaspoon of this paste is sufficient to make your dish stand out. Here are a few easy ways to use our vanilla saffron paste in your everyday recipes.

  • Those who are diet conscious but still want to make their simple breakfast look and taste extra luscious should add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla paste into their oatmeal. The sweet vanilla flavours will go exceptionally well with the rich, filling and nutritious oatmeal recipe.
  • You can prepare a yummy breakfast smoothie with our vanilla saffron orange paste. Add some yoghurt, dates, milk, vanilla paste and a few ice cubes into a blender and blend everything well until smooth. 
  • Other exciting and popular ways to use vanilla saffron paste are making delicious frosting, ice-creams, flavoured whipped cream, Crème Brulee, cakes and pudding.