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Saffron Harissa Mild
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Saffron Harissa Hot Jar 60ml

Saffron Harissa

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Hand made Saffron Harissa Paste

The first of its kind in the world crafted by Matty Zar. Our Saffron Harissa is available in HOT or MILD flavours.

Generally, Harissa is a delicious chilli paste popular across North Africa and beyond. Due to its versatile nature, it's used for a variety of recipes.

Our hand made Saffron Harissa will improve even the most humble of dishes, with chilli sourced from across the globe featuring, among others, the smokiness of chipotle chilli, the beautiful warmth of the poblano chilli and the unique flavour of the cascabel chilli.

All ingredients are carefully blended to ensure only the very best arrives on your plate.

Saffron Harissa Recipe

Shakshuka Eggs with Saffron Harissa

Seafood BBQ with Saffron Harissa


• Ideal for meat, poultry, seafood or veggies

• Use in stews, sauces, pizza, pasta, salsa, omelettes or as a dressing.

Premium Quality Saffron
Home Made Tomato Paste
New Mexico, De Arbol, Chipotle
Poblano & Cascabel Chillis
Roasted Cumin, Coriander & Caraway Seed
Fresh Australian Garlic, Smoke salt, Marine & Sea Salt
Olive Oil, Smoked Paprika and Apple Cider Vinegar

Net Weight 60 Grams

Gross Weight 160 Grams